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  • Which browser should I should?
    The right web browser can make a huge difference to your everyday browsing - whether your privacy is faster performance, better security, or more flexibility through downloadable extensions. We strive to provide our members an excellent website experience with security, content, graphics, video, social entertainment and more. Listed below are a few broswer we examined to be best for our site. 1. Mozilla Firefox - Firefox is backafter a total overhaul and has retaken its crown. It is a fast web browser, very light on resources with very strong privacy tools. If you have never used it, it may take come getting use to. The good thing about it is you can connect your google accounts and add all your google chrome favorites to firefox with a breeze. 2. Google Chrome - One of the fastest web browers in the market. Very expandable however very heavy on resources. Unlike Firefox Chrome is known to be resource hungry and take up more space. If you have a powerful computer to support it we suggest google chrome. 3. Opera - The underdog of internet browers. Excellent turbo mode, integrated ad-blocker however fewer plugins and extentions than virals. All in all these browsers have shown to work best with our website. For those who have internet explorer or microsoft edge we highly recommend you switch to any of the above three browser as our videos don't play well IE or Edge. These browers are most likely default browers that come with your computer and are in serious need of an update to catch up to the rest.
  • How do I sign up for the Flop House Poker room?
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